FAQ - Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find the main answers to questions relating to boat rental and guided excursion services that Daymar offers in Cala Gonone.
If you have further doubts or if you need an even more accurate support, please contact us at our email, telephone and social numbers.

  • Valid identity document (Identity card, driver licence or passport).

  • Mobile phone

  • Cash deposit

  • The minimum age is 21 years old

Our boats’ engine are all Yamaha 40 hp, no licence needed.
Before departure, we will inform you of all the rules that you have to follow during your rental and show you how to use the dinghy through a mini driving lesson

The cost of fuel is not included in the rental cost.
Fuel consumption depends on many factors such as the number of people on board and the amount of luggage that you will bring with you, driving style and marine weather conditions (rough seas and headwinds require more effort from the engine and consequentially, higher fuel consumption).
In order to have a correct driving style, it is necessary to take the boat straight to the plane and settle the boat on its correct attitude.
Upon returning to the port, with one of our assistants, it is necessary to go to the petrol station, fill up the tank and pay the petrol consumed.

Our inflatable boats are equipped with tanks of at least 40 litres that will allow you to visit the Gulf of Orosei from the port of Cala Gonone to cala Goloritzé and back, without having to refill the tank with fuel cans during the trip.

On the day of rental, you will be required to pay a cash deposit of € 200. Upon your return, our employee will check the boat and if it has not suffered any damage, the amount will be immediately returned.

The inflatable boats are insured for damage caused to third parties (people or boats). The cost of reparation for any damage or loss caused to the boat due to negligence, poor and/or illegal behaviours, wilful misconduct and/or carelessness, will be charged to the customer.

Check all parts of the boat including the engine, the lower casing and the propeller.
Check the safety equipment on board and make sure that the tank is full. Please, inform our staff right away about any defects or faults identified during the delivery of the boat.

Daymar Company is Pet Friendly! You can bring your pets on board of the boats that you can rent on your own, but unfortunately not in the guided tours. Keep also in mind that they cannot disembark on the beaches falling within the territory of Baunei.

The Daymar staff recommends that you bring on board everything you need to spend an unforgettable day!
Do not forget enough water to last you for the day, food, umbrella, cool box, fins and mask, sun cream, beach towel, suitable clothing for navigation and for the beach.

We suggest you to prepare a picnic lunch to take with you! Only in high season, some of the beaches are equipped with restaurants or small kiosks.

Early return due to unfavourable weather conditions does not entail the right to reductions or refunds of the cost of the service.

It is advisable to leave well in advance due to frequent traffic delays and the very limited amount of parking near the port of Cala Gonone.

No, you go on board barefoot.

Unlike self-driven inflatable boats rental, in which at least one passenger must anchor the dinghy at a safe distance from the beach, in the guided tour or exclusive rental with skipper, all passengers (where permitted) are disembarked on the beach.

To visit the Gulf of Orosei,it is advisable to have a full day at your disposal.

If you only have the morning available, you can rent an inflatable boat independently, with or without a skipper. If you only have the afternoon, we recommend a visit to Cala Luna and the Bue Marino caves, because these points of interest are closer to the port of departure.